Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cloud Computing and India by 2020

As per the recent survey done by NASSCOM in association with Deloitte regarding Cloud Computing and its futue in India, it was found that Cloud Computing is gaining momentum in India is its market is expected to grow to $16 billion by 2020. The global cloud computing market was projected to grow by 33 per cent compounded annual growth rate and readch $680 billion by year 2020. In India Cloud Computing is going to effect and revolutionize the IT-BPO serivce industry in India.

Though there are many challenges that we need to overcome before Cloud Computing can be readily accepted by industry. Some of the main challanges are:

• Perceived security concerns.This was the area most frequently referenced with respect to restricting cloud computing investment. Many firms remain reluctant to move any  of their services to a public cloud environment since they prefer to keep their data behind their own firewalls. This situation is only likely to change if cloud service providers accept liability for the data, removing the litigation risk which currently sits with the customer regarding data loss or leakage.

• Service reliability. This has been brought into sharp focus with the April 2011 multi-day outage of Amazon Web Services. This outage resulted in the slow-down and in some cases, shut-down, of prominent internet sites such as Quora and Reddit. Many firms cannot countenance a similar outage across their IT estate.

• Vendor lock-in. Firms are concerned about moving to a  public cloud deployment model since they fear becoming dependent on the provider’s service and exposed  to any future price increases in  the subscription.

• Lack of clarity in the business case. While firms can understand  the subscription-based costs associated with a public cloud service, understanding how this compares to the costs of the existing operations proves challenging since it is necessary to dentify and calculate the costs of the hardware and people that support the existing operations.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Market share as of Sep-2011 of OS, browser and search engine for Mobile and Desktop

As per the recent survey the market share as of Sep-2011 of Operating System, browser and search engine for Mobile and Desktop is shown as under.

It is clear the Google is the sole leader in search engine both in mobile and desktop category. Microsoft Windows is the clear winner for desktop OS (no one even close !!).

In the smart phone category, current iOS is leading with just over half the market share, but Android is fast catching up. Symbian on the other hand is on a continuous down-trend.

.net what's next ? --> Its vNext !

So gear up for a new release of .net by early 2012 and it would be .net framework version 4.5. Currently Microsoft is running a informative feature about this new release by the code-word vNext. Many blogs and articles are being written by those in Microsoft about this, but the most elaborative and informative is the one run by Scott Guthrie on the vNext. A detailed list of various articles on vNext series by Scott Gurthrie is here.

There are many cool changes both in the Visual Studio API and .Net Framework making the life of developers easy. Some of the new features are :

There are many more up-coming features and I will be posting about them as they are made public.


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