Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cloud Computing in 2012 - What Corporations think

As cloud computing is growing more day by day lets see what has the big corporations have to say about it in 2012. Below are series of videos of various corporations where they discuss Cloud Computing.

Below is the CSC's Chief Innovation Officer, Lem Lasher, discusses what the future holds for cloud computing in the near future.

Below is CSC's Siki Giunta - Vice President of Cloud Computing and Software Services- Among Women Worth Watching in 2012.

Below is the video of IEEE Fellow, Stuart Lipoff, discusses the trend of cloud-based applications at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. According to Lipoff, these services, such as the iCloud, are able to take complex processing situations that aren't practical to do in a small, inexpensive device and battery and store the information in the cloud. Lipoff notes how the device is then used as a terminal to get access to the information and coordinate things that would have been otherwise impossible. Lipoff descries new applications such as pattern recognition and various forms of artificial intelligence, such as facial recognition, as being some of these applications shown at CES.

Below is the video of IBM where it discusses the Cloud Computing and its effectiveness


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