Friday, May 14, 2010

Future looks awesome !

These days we often come across things that are upcoming in the market and are latest in technology. This post is a complied from various new things that I came across while surfing the net. Just relax and admire...

Enjoy the new technology facilities introduced into the market.
New Buildings Designs in Korea

A Computer with 3 Screens

Apple Curved Screen

Table Computer

A Transparent Lighter Shape Mobile Phone

The Weirdest Computers ever from Samsung

A mobile Phone/Computer with Expandable Screen

A Compass Touch Screen Telephone

A New Mouse Design

Sony’s Bendable Screens

A side Lamp Computer

Beautiful Faucet Design

A New Bathtub

Clothes that saves energy during day and light during night

Multipurpose Remote Control

Future Kitchen

Intelligent Furniture

Electronic Paper for easy correction

 A Bicycle for the whole family

Foldable Office

A new camera from Samsung

A new MP3 player

A mobile Cooking Station

New Fish Tanks Design

Foldable TV Screens


Do keep me updated with your views !


  1. Nice post... I liked the A mobile Phone/Computer with Expandable Screen the most... its too cool !

  2. Really great work done by you dear. Good job


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