Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Detecting if .net framework is installed

Whenever we are to install our application on the client side we have to check if the system is having .net installed or not. One way of doing is to make a setup project in .net and them defining the prerequisites that are required before installing the application. The setup will automatically check the system against all the prerequisites defined and if not installed will prompt the user to install them.

Now in the pop-up window opened select the prerequisite button.

A new pop-up is opened where you will see a list of available prerequisites. Check the desired applications that you need to install before installing your application. Here you can select the .net framework also. Further you will see that there are two option for installing the prerequisites. First one is from the vendor website and the other one is from the the location of your application. Check the second option. The click OK. Now when you will build your setup the .net framework exe will be automatically be created within the bin directory of your setup. Now when you will run the setup on a machine that is not having the .net framework installed it will automatically install it.


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